Taking the Road Less Traveled

Developed by NAPE and MAVCC!

Taking the Road Less Traveled II: Educator’s Tool Kit to Prepare Students for Nontraditional Careers is a great professional development resource that is designed to help states meet the Perkins IV core indicator regarding participation and completion of secondary and postsecondary students in nontraditional programs.

Features on the second edition CD-ROM include:

  • Alignment of data and information about nontraditional occupations with Career Pathways.
  • Data and information on how to culture, gender and socioeconomic status affect student’ career choices and retention in nontraditional classes.
  • New strategies for handling barriers in recruiting, retaining and placing students in nontraditional occupations.
  • Enhanced PowerPoint presentations, including links to Web resources.
  • New photo gallery of students and workers representing different cultures working in nontraditional careers.
  • New brochure templates along with examples of brochures that have been used for recruiting students into nontraditional fields.
  • Booklets in PDF that can be printed for use on demand in leadership programs and professional development workshops to help schools develop their plan for meeting core indicator.

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