NSF INCLUDES Alliance Proposal

NAPE is seeking partners from a diverse group of organizations around the country to form the Broadening Participation in STEM and CTE Alliance to apply for an NSF INCLUDES Alliance grant. This application will be focused on the goal of increasing participation and closing achievement gaps in STEM education, including CTE at the middle school, high school, and community college level.

NAPE is seeking partners who represent organizations whose programs impact the formal STEM education system including Departments of Education; Higher Education agencies; Minority Serving Institutions; governor supported STEM Action Centers; universities; secondary school districts; community and technical colleges; Department of Energy National Labs; non-profits and others.

By employing a collective impact approach, the participating organizations will create a common agenda, identify shared metrics, implement mutually reinforcing activities, and maintain continuous communication. The partners will identify effective practices focused on the common set of objectives and impact policy and investments to bring them to scale.

In 2017, NAPE received an NSF INCLUDES Design Development Launch Pilot to work on developing a six-state collective impact alliance with Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico called the Intermountain (IM) STEM Alliance.

IM STEM has been working on these collective impact elements:

  • Common agenda focused on broadening participation of students underrepresented by gender, race and ethnicity, disability, and socioeconomics, in STEM and CTE.
  • Shared measurement practices and systems in place to build upon as the alliance formation expands the partners and available data for measuring progress.
  • Mutually reinforcing activities as defined by an asset map and a process for scaling effective practices across the alliance.
  • Continuous communication mechanisms in place to ensure that all members of the alliance are informed and engaged in the work.
  • Backbone support of a national organization (NAPE) with experience and capacity to help support and expand the alliance to more stakeholders in more states

Learn More

To learn more about NAPE’s current NSF INCLUDES Design Development Launch Pilot – Intermountain STEM – go to https://www.napequity.org/stem/stem-equity-project/imstem/