NAPE Lifetime Achievement Award

Purpose: To honor an individual who has shown exemplary dedication to the NAPE organization and its mission.

Eligibility: A person who is now or has previously worked with NAPE and/or NAPE Education Foundation community.

Number Given:  1

Ideal Candidate: The ideal candidate is a person who has been an active, committed member of NAPE for a sustained period of time and has been instrumental in the development or growth of the organization from a national or state perspective.

Selection Criteria: Candidates will be determined based on their embodiment of these NAPE values:

Collaborative, Diverse

  • Has demonstrated commitment to NAPE’s values by providing opportunities to members of all Special Population groups.
  • Has contributed to NAPE’s commitment to equity, access, and diversity through leadership efforts at the local, state or national levels.
  • Committed to the values of NAPE and its Education Foundation and works to further the missions either through NAPE or its Education Foundation, through their own work, or through a collaborative effort.

Innovative, Agile

  • Has contributed to NAPE’s ability to grow and sustain itself as an organization while maintaining values of equity, access, diversity.
  • Exhibits innovative methods of motivating and mentoring members.
  • The individual’s leadership has impacted an issue or cause in the community or furthered the work of NAPE

Outcome Driven

  • Uses data to help drive NAPE’s mission and values.
  • Has ownership and accountability for the projects/roles taken on behalf of NAPE/NAPE Education Foundation’s mission and has demonstrated results.

If you have any feedback on the awards website or process, please contact Award Committee Chair, Randall Butt at

Mimi Lufkin

Congratulations to the 2019 Lifetime Achievement award winner-Mimi Lufkin!

Past Winners: Lou Ann Hargrave and Freda Walker (2018),  Jenny Erwin and Mary Ann Etu (2016);  Lynn Vera (2015),  Harriet Gleason Van Deursen (2014), Connie Gipson (2013), Barb Bitters (2012), Mary Wiberg (2011), and Barbara Orwig (2010)