NAPE Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations to the 2018 Lifetime Achievement award winners—Lou Ann Hargrave (left) and Freda Walker (right)!

Purpose: To honor an individual who has shown exemplary dedication to the NAPE organization and its mission.

Eligibility: A person who is now or has previously worked with NAPE and/or NAPE Education Foundation community.

Number Given:  1

Ideal Candidate: The ideal candidate is a person who has been an active, committed member of NAPE for a sustained period of time and has been instrumental in the development or growth of the organization from a national or state perspective.

Selection Criteria: Candidates will be determined based on their embodiment of these NAPE values:

Collaborative, Diverse

  • Has demonstrated commitment to NAPE’s values by providing opportunities to members of all Special Population groups.
  • Has contributed to NAPE’s commitment to equity, access, and diversity through leadership efforts at the local, state or national levels.
  • Committed to the values of NAPE and its Education Foundation and works to further the missions either through NAPE or its Education Foundation, through their own work, or through a collaborative effort.

Innovative, Agile

  • Has contributed to NAPE’s ability to grow and sustain itself as an organization while maintaining values of equity, access, diversity.
  • Exhibits innovative methods of motivating and mentoring members.
  • The individual’s leadership has impacted an issue or cause in the community or furthered the work of NAPE

Outcome Driven

  • Uses data to help drive NAPE’s mission and values.
  • Has ownership and accountability for the projects/roles taken on behalf of NAPE/NAPE Education Foundation’s mission and has demonstrated results.

If you have any feedback on the awards website or process, please contact Award Committee Chair, Randall Butt at

Past Winners: Jenny Erwin and Mary Ann Etu (2016);  Lynn Vera (2015),  Harriet Gleason Van Deursen (2014), Connie Gipson (2013), Barb Bitters (2012), Mary Wiberg (2011), and Barbara Orwig (2010)