NAPE Diversity in Technology Leadership Award

Purpose:  To recognize a leader in a technology, engineering, or IT field, career, or business who demonstrates (1) the power of diversity of thought to improve the education experience for all; (2) an appreciation for the importance of diverse minds to strengthen and broaden business solutions; (3) an understanding of value of diversity in building, growing, and/or sustaining entrepreneurship or business development to ensure innovative design and use; and (4) the ability to serve as a role model to the national community of excellence in leadership as a representative in a nontraditional field.

Eligibility: Any woman* who works in a high-tech business or commercial organization.  She does not need to be affiliated with a NAPE member organization.

Number Given:  1

Ideal Candidate:  Any woman who has accelerated and advanced her career beyond typical performance expectations, including leadership and exceptional results in community-related work, and  has used the advancement to promote for others equal access, full equity, and broad diversity in her business or community.

Selection Criteria: Candidates will be judged based on their embodiment of these NAPE Foundation values:

  • Collaborative, Diverse: (1) Mentors others above, below, and at the same level within their organization and (2) Develops future leaders in her profession and/or community
  • Innovative, Agile: (1) Demonstrates ability to create and implement a vision for her team; (2) Has a record of successfully motivating employees, colleagues, and community members; (3) Exhibits innovative methods of motivating and mentoring employees, colleagues, and/or community members; and (4) Possesses an understanding of the power of technology and its ability to move her business or community forward to promote access, equity, and diversity
  • Data Driven: Demonstrates success at implementing or promoting technology, management principles, or processes that promote access, equity, and diversity.

If you have any feedback on the awards website or process, please contact Award Committee Chair, Randall Butt at

Past Years’ Awardees: Ellen Barker (2018),  Karen Rapp (2017),  Lynn Dugle (2015),  Melendy Lovett (2014),  Tegwin Pulley (2013), Wanda Gass (2012), Pat Elizondo (2011), and Monica McManus (2010)

* Why is this award focused on females? NAPE has a long history of support for a more equitable, diverse workforce. By shining a spotlight on successful female leaders in male-dominated technology careers, NAPE is providing national role models with the potential to  inspire others to achieve their dreams in nontraditional fields such as information technology or engineering.