Emerita/Emeritus Award

Purpose: The Emerita/Emeritus Award recognizes individuals who have dedicated a great deal of time and effort to NAPE through active membership, service on the Executive Committee, or provision of equivalent services to advance the organization’s growth,  skill level, or leadership capacity. Emerita/Emeritus Awardees shall be honored with a personal membership in the organization (as opposed to state or affiliate membership). They shall be considered as a valued mentor and be kept apprised of NAPE’s development. From time to time, They may be invited to play a continued role in advocating for NAPE or consulted for particular knowledge and abilities.

Number Given: 1

Eligibility: The awardee must be retired from employment in an equity-related capacity and

  • Must have been an active member of NAPE for a minimum of five years prior to retirement; and
  • Must be nominated for the award by a member of NAPE in good standing.

Criteria: The emerita/emeritus membership may be awarded by the NAPE Executive Committee to individuals meeting the following criteria:

  • Must have served as a member of the Executive Committee for a minimum of three years, OR
  • Provided NAPE with services deemed to be of substantial value to the organization, such as the development of equity resource materials, presentations at the Professional Development Institute, or other contributions as determined by the Executive Committee

Mary Bunn, 2017 Emerita Award Winner

List of past Executive Committee Members