Executive Committee

The NAPE Executive Committee is the leadership of NAPE’s Board of Directors (i.e., state members) and is charged with general management of NAPE’s affairs. It discharges this duty by setting an annual Program of Work. Learn More

NAPE Education Foundation Board of Directors

The NAPE Education Foundation Board provides funding, programmatic support, and strategic guidance that enables NAPE to advance its efforts to increase access, equity, and diversity in education and the workforce. Learn More

Business Alliance Council

The Business Alliance Council provides strategic advice to the Education Foundation Board regarding career development, training, and employment issues. Learn More

National Advisory Board

The National Advisory Board provides advice to the STEM Equity Pipeline management team regarding planning, implementation, and dissemination of the STEM Equity Pipeline products and results. Learn More


Ben Williams, Chief Executive Officer
Nokware Adesegun, Director of Grants and Development
Daphne Berwanger, Manager of Finance and Administration
Caryl Clippinger, Technology and Design Manager
Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Senior Program Manager
Nicole Fritz, Office Assistant
Gregory Jackson, Program Manager
Janay McClarin, Program Manager
Ayana Patterson-Young, Program Assistant
Tegwin Pulley, Texas Director
Lisa Ransom, Senior Policy Advisor
Ricardo Romanillos, Director of Professional Learning

NAPE Consultants

NAPE consultants, who are located throughout the country, assist in delivering NAPE’s suite of professional development services.

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