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Educational Equity Professional Development Services

Professional Development The National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity offers research-based, strategy-driven, practical-application-focused professional development services that equip educators with tools to address specific school needs related to equitable learning environments, student academic success and ultimately, college and career readiness. Request Professional Development Our Educational Equity Professional Development Services Include:

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PIPEline to Career Success for Students with Disabilities

PIPEline to Career Success for Students with Disabilities Summary This data-driven professional development and technical assistance program engages teams in long-term and sustainable improvement processes addressing the root causes of outcome gaps in career pathways for students with disabilities. Cross-functional teams will research, analyze, and be equipped with the knowledge

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Explore Nontraditional Careers

Explore Nontraditional Careers Summary Nontraditional careers are occupations or career fields in which people from one gender comprise less than 25% of the workforce due to cultural stereotypes and norms that have discouraged students from pursuing them. In order for every student to be able to fulfill their potential, we

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Professional Development Curricula

Professional Development Curricula NAPE offers a variety of options for educator professional development including year-long academies, full-day and half-day workshops, online learning modules, and keynote speeches. Request Professional Development NAPE Professional Development Curricula include: Micromessaging: Leading for Equity Educators want their students to succeed. School mission statements show commitment to

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Explore STEM Careers

Explore STEM Careers Summary Most “careers of tomorrow” have a STEM/STEAM component, yet too few of our students think STEM is for them. NAPE’s Explore STEM Careers workshop provides a framework to support counselors, educators, and administrators in understanding the variety of experiences and conditions in learning environments that can

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