Membership Types and Benefits

Membership Types

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NAPE offers two types of membership: state and affiliate.

State-Level Membership

State-level membership may be granted to any state agency responsible for administering Perkins-allocated funds for leadership, technical assistance, and professional development about equity issues in education related to workforce development, including CTE.

  • State-level dues are based on each state’s Perkins allocation.
  • Each State Member designates a voting representative to serve on the Board of Directors and as a primary contact person.
  • All agency staff will have access to the website resources.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership may be granted to local and community agencies, organizations, and businesses within a member state (Level I) or nonmember states (Level II) and all national organizations that wish to partner with NAPE to promote equity in education and the workforce. See if your state is a NAPE member.

  • Level I affiliate membership is $150 per fiscal year, and Level II affiliate membership is $250 per fiscal year. (Fees as of July 1, 2016.)
  • Each affiliate member designates a representative to serve as the primary contact person and to receive NAPE listserv communications. All staff of the organization will have access to the website resources.

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Membership Benefits

  • Networking: Members have access to a network of professionals that exchanges ideas and information through dialogue and collective action.
  • Monthly Update: Members receive a monthly e-newsletter, which provides information about NAPE’s activities, news from Washington, DC, and summaries and links to publications, resources, and upcoming events.
  • Technical Assistance: Members have access to our national office staff via phone and e-mail.
  • Timely Federal Policy Alerts: Members receive timely information about federal and state policy affecting education and workforce development, via NAPE’s members-only listserv.
  • National Advocacy: Members benefit from NAPE’s regular communication and advocacy with Congress and the Administration about issues, policy, and legislation related to equity in education and workforce development.
  • Reduced PDI Registration Fees: Members receive discounted registration for NAPE’s Professional Development Institute, held each spring in the Washington, DC, area.
  • Free/Discounted Publications: Members receive a free sample of all NAPE publications and additional copies at a discount.
  • Organization Leadership: Members have the opportunity to provide input into the development of NAPE’s annual Program of Work and to serve on the NAPE Executive Committee and its subcommittees.