Program of Work

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Members of NAPE’s 2013-2014 Executive Committee during the 2014 PDI

Each year, NAPE’s Executive Committee incorporates the concepts of leadership, facilitation, and accountability into its Program of Work for the coming year.

NAPE’s 2013-2014 Program of Work

(Note: Proposed work of Finance, Nominating, and Bylaws Committees not listed)

Public Policy and Advocacy Committee

  • Issue monthly Public Policy Updates
  • Monitor Perkin’s reauthorization process by attending hearings and meetings with committee staff
  • Continue to monitor OVAE Perkins Reauthorization Blueprint policy development
  • Open public policy sections of the website to the public
  • Develop white papers on public policy issues of importance to members
  • Conduct a webinar for PDI participants to prepare for Public Policy Day

Professional Development Committee

  • Develop post–Professional Development Institute (PDI) workshop
  • Develop workshop stream for new PDI attendees (Perkins 101)
  • Develop Wednesday night option at PDI for relaxed networking

Member Services and Marketing Committee

  • Provide leadership to the Executive Committee to assist with recruitment and retention of state and affiliate members
  • Build an ROI campaign to recruit and retain state and affiliate members
  • Facilitate opportunities to establish NAPE affiliate membership

Awards Committee

  • Formalize Emerita Award
  • Develop Group Award