peoplegroup MissionThe National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE) is a consortium of state and local agencies, corporations, and national organizations committed to the advancement of equity and diversity in classrooms and workplaces. Through its four lines of business—professional development, technical assistance, research and evaluation, and advocacy—NAPE strives to achieve its vision and mission by pursuing certain goals and objectives.


Every person is able to fulfill his or her potential through equal access to and equity in educational options that lead to the entire spectrum of career choices.


  • Create and promote greater gender balance and diversity in the workforce.
  • Assure equity in education for women, men, and special populations.
  • Be a strong voice in advocating for legislation that protects access, equity, and diversity in the classroom and the workforce.


  • Increase access to high-wage, high-tech, high-skill, and high-demand careers.
  • Provide public educators with professional development, technical assistance, and research and evaluation on equity and diversity in educational and career development.
  • Provide equity and diversity solutions that will allow policymakers to advocate for equity in the classroom and workforce.


  • Generate a higher level of visibility among audience targets for access, equity, and diversity in the classroom and the workforce, especially for women in high-skill, high-wage programs of study.
  • Leverage that greater visibility in order to develop broader awareness of—an interest in—access, equity, and diversity issues and NAPE.
  • Increase participation and completion rates of students that are underrepresented in programs of study that lead to high-wage, high-skill, and high-demand careers.
  • Advocate for the passage of favorable policies that support access, equity, and diversity in education and workforce development.
  • Position NAPE as the leading organization committed to advancing access, equity, and diversity in education.