Program Committees

NAPE2013 071 300x198 Program CommitteesWould you like to participate on a NAPE Program Committee? Sign up here.

Members of NAPE are welcome to join a committee to help strengthen our efforts and forward our collective agenda to achieve equity in education and workforce development across the country. As a committee member, you can expect to participate in the following ways:

  • Conference calls, generally quarterly, depending on the work of the committee
  • Offer feedback, suggestions, and expertise as it relates to the committee’s agenda
  • Work with committee members to accomplish goals for the year
  • Build your leadership and equity expertise

Committee chairs are chosen from the NAPE Executive Committee. Members of the NAPE Executive Committee are expected to fully participate in the work of any committees they chair and participate in the implementation of the NAPE annual Program of Work.

Below are the four committees that offer open membership with an overview of the committee’s responsibilities and the names of the chair and members of the committee.  If you are interested in joining a committee, please click on the link above.

Many thanks for your interest and for all you do for NAPE!

Public Policy & Advocacy

Chair: Lou Ann Hargrave (OK)
Members: Connie Cordovilla (DC), Bill Hatch (NC), Forough Ghahramani (NJ), Lauren Provost (NH), Adrian San Miguel (WI)
Staff: Lisa Ransom, Laura Sperratore

  • Stay informed regarding federal legislative activity affecting equity in education and workforce development
  • Work with the Director of Public Policy to draft position papers

Member Services

Chair: Bill Hatch (NC)
Members: Eva Scates-Winston (MN), Nancy Mitchell (CO), Francine Shuman (GA), Jeanette Thomas (IA), Jocelyn Riley (WI), Donna Dutcher (GA), Janet Smith (GA), Elizabeth Biddle (PA), Karen Showers (WI); Lisa Sandler (MA)
Staff: Mimi Lufkin, Kimber Rutt

  • Update and develop marketing materials for NAPE
  • Provide leadership to the Executive Committee and Board Members to increase the number of state members
  • Develop affiliate member recruitment materials
  • Provide leadership to the Executive Committee and Board Members to assist with the recruitment of affiliate members
  • Develop and implement a marketing strategy for consulting and professional development services
  • Build an ROI campaign to recruit and retain members

Professional Development

Chair: Terri Boyer (NJ)
Members: Dennis Harden (MO), Jeanette Thomas (IA), Donna Dutcher (GA), Janet Smith (GA), Francine Shuman (GA), Kristi Enger (ID), Donna Lange (NY), Karen Showers (WI), Lakshmi Mahadevan (TX), Tasha Kawamata Ryan (HI), Lauren Provost (NH), Joan Runnheim Olson (MN)
Staff: Claudia Morrell, Joyce Ayers, Laura Sperratore

  • Identify potential professional development needs from the membership
  • Identify professional development opportunities and submit on the NAPE website
  • Develop and implement the agenda for the annual professional development institute
  • Conduct one additional professional development event for NAPE members using alternative technology (e.g. webcast, audioconference, on-line workshop)


Chair:  Donna Dutcher (GA)
Members: Lou Ann Hargrave (OK), Raelene Sanders (WA), Debra Huber (ND), Lakshmi Mahadevan (TX)
Staff:  Claudia Morrell, Joyce Ayers

  • Review award and award criteria
  • Create and implement award application and selection process
  • Manage the awards program at the Professional Development Institute

Not shown here are Finance, Nominating, and Bylaws, the members of which are drawn from the Executive Committee.